Starting a new adventure can really be slow sometimes. Especially when you are trying to work full-time and blog about a new interest and hopefully a new career in the future. It is amazing what you can do with an iPhone or a laptop. I am still enthused about it and my goal is to make it work for me.

In the past I wrote a lot of letters to friends and loved one with the intent of encouraging them and helping to lift their spirits when they were down or struggling with life’s issues. But, over the years I grew weary of the task realizing that I had become someone who needed encouragement but never seemed to get it in return. So I just stopped. Was that the right thing to do? Maybe not , I don’t know. I do know that it caused a void and a sadness in me that I don’t think I will recover from sometimes. No one seems to care about one another anymore. They just go about their life and never bother to consider anyone else or make an effort to stay in touch . And then there are those who live there life in “cliques”, If you’re not in theirs then you don’t matter.

On a more positive note , I want to make my future a little brighter and challenge myself to put forth more effort and consideration toward others. And although some of this content really doesn’t have anything to do with narrating books it does speak to the fact that I can move on and try to find my niche in the world of blogging.


Married , mother of three sons . I am inquisitive by nature and like learning new things . I like reading and I like books! I am a people person and like meeting new people and learning about their culture and habits

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