It has recently been brought to my attention that we “southerners “ here in Texas use instead of the word “suddenly” in grammatical error . In the southeast Texas piney woods people use the phrase ”all of a sudden “ in the place of suddenly. One phrase or sentence may be , I was walking down the road and all of a sudden a cat ran across the road in front of me . Or , I was talking to my coworker and all of a sudden she just turned and walked away. I have often wondered why people use 4 words to make a statement when one word can suffice ? I’m sure that I have been guilty of it myself although I have begun to take note before I speak and say things in correct grammar . My mother, although raised in the same areas of the south , always stressed to me, my brothers and my sister the importance of using proper grammar when speaking. I have always attempted to always do so. One thing I have learned is that the more you are around people who use slang words or incorrect grammar the more likely you are to just “fall into “ talking the same way . So I am suddenly very interested in observing how people express themslves and I wonder , “ Are they even aware that their grammar is incorrect ?”


Married , mother of three sons . I am inquisitive by nature and like learning new things . I like reading and I like books! I am a people person and like meeting new people and learning about their culture and habits

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